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Program Name: Navigation Hub Pilot Project

The Navigation Hub Pilot Project focuses on engaging and supporting North Hartford youth aged 14-29 and families who have left school, need assistance finding work, or need access to resources or services. The Hub brings together Career Navigators, Family Navigators, and Youth Leaders from various agencies. Together, they coordinate services for young people and families at The Artists Collective in North Hartford. This project aims to introduce and assess a collaborative approach to helping youth and families, involving different agencies and stakeholders. We’re creating a unified system to guide young people towards successful careers and families towards vital resources to help them flourish.

Career Navigators assist with:

  • Individualized Job Coaching
  • Resume Writing
  • Mock Interviews
  • Support Enrolling in Training Programs
  • & Job Placement Support!

Family Navigators assist with:

  • Basic Needs
  • Mental & Physical Health Services
  • Financial Empowerment
  • & Early Childhood Programs!

Contact Details

Program Lead Point of Contact: Tariq Levy-Pulliam

Career Navigation Systems Coordinator

Location Address
The Artists Collective 1200 Albany Ave Hartford, CT 06112

Program Details

Career Continuum Program Level: N/A (Wrap-Around Service)

Badges/Credentials Offered: Other

Other Badges/Credentials Offered: Access and referral to a network of Family and Career Navigation services

Length of Program: Hub services can be accessed any time through July 31st

Target Population: Age - < 17, Age - 17-24, Age - 18 and over, Age - 25 and older, In-school Youth, Out-of-School Youth (OY), Returning Citizens, Justice-Involved Youth, Non-Citizens, Hartford Resident, Homeless and Housing Insecurity, Gender - Male, Gender - Female, Gender - Other, LGBTQIA, Other

Target Population Gender: Non-Binary

Eligibility Requirements: Age < 17, Age 17-24, Age - 18 and over, Age - 25 and older, Target Population - In-School Youth, Target Population - Out-of-School Youth (OY), Target Population - Returning Citizens, Target Population - Justice-Involved Youth, Target Population - Non-Citizens, Target Population - Hartford Resident, Target Population - Homeless and Housing Insecurity, Target Population - LGBTQIA, Target Population - Gender Identity Male, Target Population - Gender Identity Female, Target Population - Gender Identity Other, Other

Eligibility Requirements Other: Young people 14-29 and families residing in 06112 and 06120 neighborhoods

Residency Eligibility Requirements: Hartford Resident, Northeast, Upper Albany, Clay Arsenal

Service Type: Other

Service Type Other: Access and referral to a network of Family and Career Navigation services

Schedule (When is your program offered?): The Hub is open on Tuesdays and Thursdays 9 am -1 pm through July 31st

Website/Marketing Materials for Program

Click here to book an appointment. Or drop by anytime between 9 am – 1 pm on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Marketing Materials Downloads:

Artist Collective Navgiation Hub Flyer
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