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Hartford Work-Based Learning Readiness Standards

To focus work-based learning efforts on achieving the shared goal of student post-secondary success, WBLN participants agree on the importance of meeting objective, practical, attainable readiness standards, validated by age / grade / developmentally appropriate assessment / evaluation. Building on their respective experiences implementing WBL programs and services and a foundation of 21st Century Career Competencies developed by CWP, WBLN endorses the following set of 12 Student Readiness Standards.

WBL Summative Evaluation Rubric

To assess participating WBL students’ state of readiness to meet these standards in a post-secondary environment, WBLN endorses the summative evaluation rubric tool. This rubric is a guide. Intended to be used to expand decision-making around evaluative decisions. It is understood that each WBL project may have tasks that do not match specifically with this rubric.

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