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Robotics Team (Full Metal Falcons)

Students design and create a robot that will compete in the FIRST National Robotics competition. Students acquire funding, and are in charge of marketing and development as well as the design and building of the actual robot. The FIRST competition grades students not only on the performance of their robots but also on service, leadership, sportsmanship, presentation, outreach, website design, and the aesthetics of the robot. The students perform all of these tasks between them, with some focusing more on the engineering, some on programming, and some on the administrative and business tasks.

Program Information

Organization Name
Xavier High School
Career Continuum
Career Preparation
Program Cost
Registration fees for competition ranges from $1000 - $6000
Intended Audience
High school students
Intended Age / Grade Range
Grades 9-12

Contact Information

Program Point of Contact Name
Nicholas Cerreta
Program Point of Contact Position / Title
Program Point of Contact Email
Social Info
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