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Students will be making devices, at first collaboratively, then individually. Participants can opt to build a robot that will clean anyone's bedroom on command! We use the LEGO Mindstorm NXT & Intro to 3rd Gen., EV3. Learn mechanical design, construction, programming & teamwork skills. In pairs, students build different robots & program them with a computer to move, react & make sounds to solve challenges.

Program Information

Organization Name
Darien Summer School and Enrichment
Career Continuum
Career Preparation
Program Cost
$350.00 (Class Fee); $325.00 Discounted Price
Intended Audience
Elementary and middle school students
Intended Age / Grade Range
Grades 2-7; Ages 8-12

Contact Information

Program Point of Contact Name
Marc Power
Program Point of Contact Position / Title
Program Point of Contact Email
Social Info
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