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Technology Club & Coding Club

Technology Club: Working with the Director of Systems Technology, students will explore the technologies of a local area network. Students will act as a help desk after school hours for device troubleshooting, and will assist in computer maintenance for the building. Additionally, students will explore the process of building a PC and make technological recommendations to administration.

Coding Club: Members will explore a multitude of programming languages and develop programs in these languages, including Java, C++ and Python. As the club grows, participation in national organizations to collaborate and learn will be explored.

Program Information

Organization Name
Xavier High School
Career Continuum
Career Preparation
Program Cost
Cost of school tuition
Intended Audience
High school students
Intended Age / Grade Range
Grades 9-12

Contact Information

Program Point of Contact Name
Tim Kramar
Program Point of Contact Position / Title
Program Point of Contact Email
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