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Technology / Engineering / Design Program

A custom-designed, three year signature program developed by Notre Dame High School teachers with engineers and program managers that have 50+ years of collective experience at Fortune 500 engineering corporations. T/E/D courses are grouped into four categories Engineering Basics, Elective Skills, Specialized Engineering, and Capstone Project. Junior year offers two Specialized Engineering courses, each with its own unique design projects, to familiarize students with the major engineering disciplines of electrical, mechanical, software, and aerospace.

Program Information

Organization Name
Notre Dame High School
Career Continuum
Career Awareness and Exploration | Career Preparation
Program Cost
For participants, cost of school tuition
Intended Audience
High school students
Intended Age / Grade Range
Grades 9-12
West Haven

Contact Information

Program Point of Contact Name
Dr. Yolanda Valencia
Program Point of Contact Position / Title
Program Point of Contact Email
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