Hartford Work-Based Learning Network Launches New Website!

Program Benefits

Participating in the Hartford Work-Based Learning Network provides several benefits to local employers.

Workplace Advantages

Participating in WBL offers employers an effective vehicle to help build and retain their future workforce. Metro Hartford businesses/employers in multiple key sectors report a rapidly growing mismatch between the skills required for entry into their respective industries and those of the emerging local workforce. By opening their places of business to students and providing high-value WBL opportunities, employers can benefit from productive student work and gain a new perspective. Employers can observe potential future employees in a “long-term interview” context and participate in shaping their future workforce. Students also provide access to a key potential customer resource and informative point of view.

An employer’s existing incumbent workforce benefits from working with more productive and engaged employees and the opportunity to develop leadership and supervisory skills. WBL participation provides an opportunity for companies to support local schools, help develop a skilled and productive future workforce, build community awareness of the company’s role in the local economy, and enhance public image.

Benefits of WBL Participation

Typically, WBL-participating employers can:

  • Build long-term relationships with local schools, helping to produce candidates qualified for entry-level employment upon high school graduation.
  • Obtain assistance with staffing and project needs.
  • Evaluate future hiring decisions on knowledge and observation of student work.
  • Gain organizational awareness for attracting additional qualified candidates.
  • Have the opportunity to mentor students in careers associated with business needs.


Planning for the Future

WBL provides employers an opportunity to prepare future employees by exposing them to real world work experiences.

Building a Highly Skilled Workforce

The program creates a source of skilled and motivated future employees with valuable experience and proven job skills.

Creating Standardized Training

WBL reduces the cost of training and recruitment, matching interested and invested young people with employers in a wide range of industries.

Reducing Employee Turnover

Employees hired after completing a successful learning internship are invested in the company and begin their first day knowing necessary skills and expectations.

Becoming an Education Stakeholder

WBL encourages employer involvement in the curriculum development process, increasing employer visibility in education.

Setting Proficiency Standards

Getting involved with WBL allows employers to communicate required job-specific proficiencies to educational personnel.

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