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Student Skills Self-Assessment

This form is to help you in performing a self-assessment of your skills after you have completed a work-based learning experience. For each behavior listed below, first rate the frequency that you engaged in the skill activity described during your practicum/work-based learning placement (how often did you practice this?) and then indicate what you believe your own skill level is currently in that skill area (how well do you do it?).

Behaviors That Demonstrate Employability Skills

Navigating the Workplace and Careers

Learning rules and performing procedures safely and effectively.

Learning from professionals about the certificates or degrees required to succeed in various jobs or for getting a first job.

Creativity and Innovation

Coming up with new ideas, methods, or products.

Building on others’ ideas to improve something.

Critical Thinking and Problem Solving

Solving problems by identifying what you already know, what you need to know, and how and where to find new information.

Making a strong argument for a position you hold or finding weaknesses in the argument someone else makes for a position they hold.

Speaking and Listening

Explaining information to another person so they understand you, or repeating back to another person what you heard them say to see if you understand them.

Making a formal presentation of your work on a project to industry professionals or community members.


As part of a group project, deciding who will do different things by considering each person’s knowledge, past experience, or other strengths.

As part of a group project, making sure everyone gets to express their thoughts and feelings when there is a disagreement.

Information Literacy

Looking for information sources for a project, figuring out what all the technical language means, and figuring out which sources are most trustworthy.

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