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Capital Workforce Partners – BEST Chance/Jobs Funnel Programs

Program Name: BEST Chance/Jobs Funnel Programs

The BEST Chance program provides pre-employment occupational skills training and job placement assistance for ex-offenders in carpentry, construction, culinary arts, pre-manufacturing and other related careers.

Training in Carpentry offers comprehensive curriculum that covers tool recognition, proper hand and power tool use, critical path of residential deconstruction, sheet rock repair, roofing, painting, and taping, tiling, framing, sheet rock installation, window installation, woodworking, and more. Students are trained in a modern Woodworking shop located on the first floor of Veeder Place and are welcomed on job sites to observe and assist in the Academy’s projects.

All participants are strongly advised to complete the Fundamentals of Construction training before or while enrolled in the Carpentry program to ensure employment after training.

The Fundamentals of Construction training is a one-week course that provides stackable credentials necessary for a successful career in construction. In five days students may obtain certifications in OSHA 10, Scaffolding, Confined Space, Forklift, Fire Watch and Traffic Flagger.

The Culinary program provides practical kitchen skills training along with a ServSafe Manager and Food Handler certifications. The student experience starts with food preparation and culminates with I-Best curriculum training to obtain the aforementioned required credentials.

The introductory Pre-Manufacturing training provides both conceptual and practical applications of processes, materials and products in the manufacturing industry. Students are taking college level courses in Metrology, Blueprint reading, and Manufacturing Math, and are mentored and trained by industry experts and tutored by the I-BEST contextualized approved education providers.

The BEST Chance/Jobs Funnel program also offers pre-employment job readiness, career planning, job search, resume preparation, placement and job retention services to all enrolled participants.

Through varied means of funding, the BEST Chance program also serves Justice-Involved youth (ages 18-24), and citizens who live in the Greater Hartford Area who are not justice-involved but are interested in the construction industry. The Jobs Funnel initiative was started in 2016 to expand construction learning and job opportunities to inner city residents with minimal access to the construction projects happening right in the city.

Housed at the Historic Veeder Place building on Sargeant Street, our suite of services builds upon a legacy of offering free training, paid work experience through stipends, case management, and supportive services to eligible participants in the Greater Hartford community.

Interested participants must attend orientations at the BEST Chance office on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 9:30 am. No appointment is required, Walk-ins are welcome.


Supports Available Through Program: Linkages to community services, Assistance with transportation, Assistance with childcare and dependent care, Assistance with housing, Assistance with educational testing, Reasonable accommodations for individuals with disabilities, Legal aid services, Referrals to health care, Assistance with uniforms or other appropriate work attire and work-related tools, including such items as eyeglasses and protective eye gear, Assistance with books, fees, school supplies, and other necessary items for students enrolled in postsecondary education classes, Payments and fees for employment and training-related applications, tests, and certification

Contact Details

Program Lead Point of Contact: Tahari Austin

Re-entry Programs Manager

Location Address
20-28 Sargeant Street, Suite 310 3RD Floor, Hartford, CT 06105

Program Details

Career Continuum Program Level: Career Preparation

Badges/Credentials Offered: Work-Based Learning / On-the-Job Training (Paid), Work-Based Learning / On-the-Job Training (Unpaid), Certificate - Industry/Sector-Based, Apprenticeship, Employment


Length of Program: Credentials and employment support can obtained within three (3) to six (6) months. Job Retention and Supportive services may continue for an additional 90 days following employment. Participants with criminal convictions will be referred to the Free to Succeed program where they may receive two years of additional job retention and basic needs support from workforce professionals.

Target Population: Age - 18 and over, Age - 25 and older, Returning Citizens, Justice-Involved Youth

Target Population Gender: TBD

Eligibility Requirements: Age - 18 and over, Age - 25 and older, Target Population - Returning Citizens, Target Population - Justice-Involved Youth, Other

Eligibility Requirements Other: Must have been formerly incarcerated with no prior sex-related offenses; Must pass a test which includes math and reading; High school diploma or GED required; Individuals in need of pre-employment training and job placement assistance

Residency Eligibility Requirements: Hartford Resident, Greater Hartford Region, Blue Hills, Northeast, North Meadows, West End, Upper Albany, Clay Arsenal, Asylum Hill, Downtown, Parkville, Frog Hollow, South Green, Sheldon Charter Oaks, Behind the Rocks, Barry Square, South Meadows, Southwest, South End

Service Type: Career Competency Training, Follow-up Services, Job Development and Support, Occupational Skills Training

Sector: Manufacturing, Culinary, Construction

Schedule (When is your program offered?): 8 am – 4 pm daily

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