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Center for Latino Progress

Program Name: R.I.S.E. (Renew & Improve Skills & Employability)

A three-week program offered through partnership with the BEST Chance initiative/Capital Workforce Partners for adult reentry citizens.  The Center provides Customer Service training, testing and certification in “Customer Service & Sales” as well as job readiness skills and components for emotional/mental well-being.


Supports Available Through Program: Transportation, guidance, mentoring, self-care instruction, Career Development instruction

Contact Details

Program Lead Point of Contact: Michael Thompson

BiCiCo Programs Coordinator

Location Address
97 Park St. Hartford, CT 06106

Program Details

Career Continuum Program Level: Career Exploration

Badges/Credentials Offered: Mentoring / Guidance, Internship (Unpaid)

Other Badges/Credentials Offered: Community Engagement, Sustainable Transportation

Length of Program: Three weeks

Target Population: Age - 18 and over, Age - 25 and older, Returning Citizens

Target Population Gender: TBD

Eligibility Requirements: Age - 18 and over, Age - 25 and older, Target Population - Returning Citizens

Eligibility Requirements Other: Based on sustainable transportation

Residency Eligibility Requirements: Greater Hartford Region

Service Type: Career Competency Training, Leadership Development

Service Type Other: Incentives and a free bike, lights, and helmet.

Sector: Transportation / Distribution / Logistics

Schedule (When is your program offered?): Monday-Friday from 9:00am -4:00pm

Capacity for Each Implementation (Target Number): 20

Website/Marketing Materials for Program

Marketing Materials Downloads:


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