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CT State – Capital


CT State Capital is located in the heart of Hartford, CT. We are one of 12 campuses of CT State Community College. We offer both credit and noncredit career-focused certificates and degree programs that are designed to get you employed in the field upon completion of the program. Whether it’s a Nurse Aide Certification (CNA) noncredit certificate, a 1-year certificate in Cybersecurity or Accounting or a 2-year degree in Nursing or Construction Management, these programs will have you employed in high paying, in demand job fields. CT State Capital brings together dedicated faculty, staff, and expertise to assure that you succeed, whether you are seeking your first job, a better job, or furthering your career.

Supports Available Through Program: Equity Center, pantry, tutoring, transportation, mental health, and career guidance.

Contact Details

Program Lead Point of Contact: Odile Dilone

Campus Director of Workforce Development

Location Address
CT State Capital, 950 Main Street, Hartford, CT, 06103

Program Details

Career Continuum Program Level: Career Preparation

Badges/Credentials Offered: Internship (Paid), Internship (Unpaid), Certificate - Educational, Certificate - Industry/Sector-Based, Certificate - Other, Apprenticeship, Degree - Associates


Length of Program: Varies

Target Population: Age - 17-24, Age - 18 and over, Age - 25 and older, In-school Youth, Out-of-School Youth (OY), Returning Citizens, Justice-Involved Youth, Non-Citizens, Hartford Resident, Homeless and Housing Insecurity, Gender - Male, Gender - Female, LGBTQIA

Target Population Gender: TBD

Eligibility Requirements: Age 17-24, Age - 18 and over, Age - 25 and older, Target Population - In-School Youth, Target Population - Out-of-School Youth (OY), Target Population - Returning Citizens, Target Population - Justice-Involved Youth, Target Population - Non-Citizens, Target Population - Hartford Resident, Target Population - Homeless and Housing Insecurity, Target Population - LGBTQIA, Target Population - Gender Identity Male, Target Population - Gender Identity Female

Residency Eligibility Requirements: Hartford Resident, Greater Hartford Region

Service Type: Career Competency Training, Guidance and Counseling, Integrated Education and Training, Occupational Skills Training, Tutoring

Sector: Healthcare, Information Technology, Manufacturing, Construction

Schedule (When is your program offered?): Varies

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