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Our Piece of the Pie

Program Name: Our Piece of the Pie (OPP)

Our Piece of the Pie, Inc. is a nonprofit with a mission to empower youth with the key competencies needed to overcome barriers and succeed in education and employment. OPP works with Hartford area youth ages 14-24, who face obstacles including disengagement from school, poverty, justice involvement, welfare system involvement, unemployment.

We work with youth to create a road map to the future with goals for personal development, academic achievement, and workforce readiness. Every youth has a plan that identifies barriers along with supports and services needed for youth to make their dreams a reality. Each youth is paired with a trained, caring, and proactive Youth Development Specialist acting as a guide and mentor, providing high touch case management. OPP clinicians interact with youth within the programs, build trust, and are there to provide individual counseling as needed.
Youth also work with a Workforce Development Specialist to focus on strengthening work skills, overseeing internships, developing career pathways and coaching youth as they enter the workforce. Getting a job is one thing. Keeping it is another. OPP often works with youth through that first year of employment, helping to remove barriers and keep youth on track towards the future.

Girard Dawes – Senior Director of Outreach, Engagement, and Retention 860-761-7359
McKoi-Alaia Brown – Youth Engagement Specialist 860-761-7306
Tashar Rankine – Youth Engagement Specialist 860-761-7308
Karina Nieves – Administrative Assistant 860-761-7300


Contact Details

Program Lead Point of Contact: Jasmin Reyes

Lead Youth Engagement and Retention Specialist

Location Address
20-28 Sargeant Street, Hartford, CT 06105 1st and 2nd Floor

Program Details

Career Continuum Program Level: N/A (Wrap-Around Service)

Badges/Credentials Offered: Mentoring / Guidance, Work-Based Learning / On-the-Job Training (Paid), Internship (Paid), Certificate - Educational, Certificate - Industry/Sector-Based, Apprenticeship, Degree - GED, Employment


Length of Program: 1-2 years

Target Population: Age - < 17, Age - 17-24, Age - 18 and over, In-school Youth, Out-of-School Youth (OY), Returning Citizens, Justice-Involved Youth, Hartford Resident, Other

Target Population Gender: TBD

Eligibility Requirements: Age < 17, Age 17-24, Age - 18 and over, Other

Eligibility Requirements Other: Ages - 14-24

Residency Eligibility Requirements: Hartford Resident, Greater Hartford Region

Service Type: Basic Skills Instruction, Career Competency Training, Entrepreneurial Skills Training, Financial Literacy Education, Follow-up Services, Guidance and Counseling, Individual Service Strategy, Integrated Education and Training, Job Development and Support, Leadership Development, Occupational Skills Training, Tutoring, Work experience

Sector: Healthcare, Information Technology, Manufacturing, Transportation / Distribution / Logistics

Schedule (When is your program offered?): Monday-Friday: 9am-5:30pm

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