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Program Name: SINA Walk to Work Employment Program.

SINA, or Southside Institutions Neighborhood Alliance is in the Frog Hollow area, it is a partnership between three anchor institutions – Hartford Hospital, CT Children’s, and Trinity College.    The Walk to Work program is located at 207 Washington street in Hartford, it’s managed by SINA’s Career Navigator. Its services Hartford residents who live in zip codes 06106 and 06114 who work, and are living near SINA’s anchor institutions helps ensure they can get to work.

The Career Navigator works with SINA’s partner agencies to build a pool of qualified job seekers.  After skills identification, resume editing and mock interviews, the Career Navigator can confidently match pre-screened neighborhood residents with available jobs.

SINA’s Walk to Work Program helps Hartford residents launch their careers at Hartford Hospital, Connecticut Children’s, or Trinity College by connecting neighborhood residents to available jobs. Working at these major employers offers residents the chance for a career growth and not just a job, great benefits, competitive pay, and the convenience of working lose to home. Great opportunity to work, live and play in own community.

Supports Available Through Program: Referrals to support services

Contact Details

Program Lead Point of Contact: Elsa Huertas

Career Navigator

Location Address
207 Washington Street, Hartford, CT 06106

Program Details

Career Continuum Program Level: Career Preparation

Badges/Credentials Offered: Other

Other Badges/Credentials Offered: Direct Connections to HR and hiring managers at Hartford Hospital, Connecticut Children’s, and Trinity College

Length of Program: Ongoing

Target Population: Age - 18 and over, Hartford Resident

Target Population Gender: TBD

Eligibility Requirements: Age - 18 and over, Target Population - Hartford Resident

Residency Eligibility Requirements: Greater Hartford Region, Parkville, Frog Hollow, South Green, Sheldon Charter Oaks, Behind the Rocks, Barry Square, South Meadows, South End

Service Type: Job Development and Support

Sector: Healthcare

Schedule (When is your program offered?): 9am -5pm Monday thru Friday

Website/Marketing Materials for Program

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